75 More Pakistani Scholars to Pursue PhD in Queen Mary University of London

The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) have signed a Memorandum of Agreement for 75 HEC scholars to pursue their PhD degrees from QMUL in the next five years.  

In this connection, the British Council Pakistan organised a virtual signing ceremony. Executive Director, HEC, Dr. Shaista Sohail and Vice Principal, International Education, QMUL, Prof. Colin Grant signed the agreement. 

HEC and QMUL have been co-funding PhD scholars since 2016, as the two sides signed the first Memorandum of Agreement in September 2016 to nurture a collaborative partnership to provide high quality research training to Pakistani PhD students at QMUL.

75 More Pakistani Scholars to Pursue PhD in Queen Mary University of London
75 More Pakistani Scholars to Pursue PhD in Queen Mary University of London

Under the first agreement, 35 scholars have proceeded for pursuing doctoral degrees in various fields. About half of these scholars opted fields of Engineering and Technology which is much needed field in Pakistan. Another group of scholars are pursuing higher education in the field of biological sciences which will help to improve the research culture in the field of biological sciences in Pakistan. Similarly, a good number of HEC scholars are studying in diverse fields of social science who are expected to contribute towards the improvement of social constructs of our society.

Now as part of the new agreement, 75 more scholars will be selected in different fields of studies to pursue their PhDs from QUML.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Shaista appreciated the QMUL’s cooperation and support to Pakistani scholars. She hoped that the bilateral cooperation will pave the way for achieving a larger national goal of human development. “There is no medium better than the education to improve perceptions about each other.” She said that Pakistani scholars are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study at QMUL, as such opportunities enhanced educational as well as cultural experiences.

She appreciated the role of QMUL administration for offering generous tuition waiver to HEC selected scholars through this agreement. She also recognised the efforts of QMUL team led by Prof. Grant, and comprised Ms. Flora McKay, PhD Recruitment Manager, QMUL, Dr. Dr Felicity Shelley, PhD Recruitment Manager, Partnerships and Sponsor Relations Manager, QMUL, and Ms. Sarah Pervez, Head of Higher Education and Skills, British Council for their contribution towards the collaboration between HEC and QMUL.

She also congratulated HEC team led by Dr. Hassan Jalil Shah, Advisor Human Resource Development, HEC, Ms. Ayesha Ikram, Director General, Human Resource Development, HEC, and Dr. Arshad Bashir, Project Director, Overseas Scholarships, HEC, for success of the project.

Prof. Grant gave a comprehensive overview of QMUL and its unique academic and research credentials. During his presentation, he acknowledged the role of HEC and Pakistani scholars in enriching intellectual and research environment at QMUL. He also showcased the great achievements accomplished by alumni of QMUL for the entire globe.

In his remarks, Country Head, British Council, Mr. Amir Ramzan highlighted the role of British Council in collaboration between HEC and QMUL.

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