Antibiotic awareness week was celebrated by NIH in collaboration with WHO

Antimicrobial resistance, or AMR, is now recognized as one of the most serious global threats to human health. Antibiotic overuse and misuse has led to a growing number of bacteria in humans, animals and the environment that are resistant to life-saving antimicrobial therapies.

With this background, the antibiotic awareness week was celebrated by NIH in collaboration with WHO from 18-24th Nov 2019. At this occasion NIH organized many activities including a poster competition for children aged 6-14 year about antibiotic awareness. Accordingly, Posters have been received from 33 participants from different cities. The aim of this competition was to raise awareness of this issue, and enable children and young people to learn about the topic.
In this context, a ceremony for Award Distribution was held at NIH. The winners and runners-up were invited to this ceremony with their families to receive their cash-prizes along with certificates.
Speaking on the occasion, the Executive Director of NIH, Maj. Gen. Prof. Aamer Ikram, congratulated all kids and praised their work, which reflected their creativity and their vision of AMR. Dr. Aamer said that children are the actual agents of change. This initiative was taken to improve their understanding of the concept of AMR and stop the injudicious use of antibiotics in a fun and creative way to help retain this message. By means of involving children, NIH hopes that the message of proper use of antibiotics would reach their parents and hence, the wider community. He also urged the representatives of the participating schools to encourage students to participate in similar healthy competitions in the future.

The ceremony ended with certificate distribution.

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