Awareness Seminar on How to Help Drug Addicts

Ali Rehab Centre, Islamabad Organized an Awareness Seminar entitled “How to Help Drug Addicts” on Tuesday morning in its facility situated in Islamabad.
In the seminar families, relatives and guardians of those drug addicts were invited who are under in-house treatment at Ali Rehab Center. The participants were given briefing on drugs addiction symptoms and how to help drug addicts in overcoming the addiction after the completion of their treatment.
In his welcome address, Mr. Ali Amad Zulfiqar, CEO, Ali Rehab Center said that “since youngsters are addicted to different drugs and the trend is rising with every passing day, as a society it is our collateral damage that our youngsters are falling prey to this menace”. He further told that we need to keep on realizing those people, who once got addicted, that life is precious and we should not waste it in using drugs.
While continuing his talk, he said that drugs addiction requires an integrated treatment of body and mind. He also told that at Ali Rehab Center we have developed an extensive, comprehensive and integrated treatment plan for quick and eternal recovery of patients by carefully taking assessments of patients on regular intervals. “Without continuous support from families, neither rehabilitation centers nor the patients can recover from the disease”, he emphasized.
Afterwards, Ms. Sehrish Khan, an eminent Psychologist and Therapeutic Expert briefed the families about the rehabilitation of their siblings.
Mr. Zulfiqar was of the view that in near future, we will run a campaign to create awareness about the hazards of drugs.

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