Blogpost: you are beautiful, by Sabahat Ahmad

The obsession with fairness is not new in our part of the world. Many women fall victim to this and forget that you are beautiful no matter what  Sharing a few thoughts dedicated To all beautiful women 

You are beautiful!! 

There is a unique burden attached with the societal pressures of having a ‘fair’ complexion in our part of the world.  Why is it that ‘darker’ or ‘tanned’ skin tones are not considered beautiful? What is this truly bizarre obsession with being fair? Why do we allow ourselves to fall victim to this trap?

As a young woman with a dusky, tanned complexion navigating through life in Pakistan in the 80s and 90s, the burden of being fair was overwhelming – at home and outside of it. If the colour of my skin did not live up to the standards that our society had set, there would be derogatory remarks followed by unhealthy treatments and fairness products that were more harmful  to my skin than any damage the sun could cause. Only to hear someone say …You are beautiful!!

Thankfully, times are changing and all of us have more awareness than we ever had before. Companies have been forced to rebrand their ‘fairness’ products after their promotions and marketing tactics were deemed to be offensive and demeaning.  In addition to this, we are seeing more and more campaigns against racism, giving us a daily reminder to be comfortable in our own skin, to be proud of who we are and to speak up against discrimination on the basis of race, gender and color.

There is still far more work to be done, especially in reshaping our thoughts and restructuring our mindsets. We must remember that we all bleed the same and the color or ‘fairness’ of our skin must not and should not impact our self-esteem.

Let us keep on striving for a positive change because together we can curb this obsession with fairness at every level. Let us start appreciating the things that set us apart. Let us celebrate our distinct identities and discover our self-worth because … you are truly beautiful the way you are!

And if you ever need a helping hand realizing your self-worth, we’ve decided to make it our mission.  

Sabahat Ahmed  Transformation Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy Ashmir Life Coaching Practice
Sabahat Ahmed Transformation Coach and Master Practitioner of NLP and Hypnotherapy Ashmir Life Coaching Practice

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