The People’s Daily will officially launch the “China” short video contest on 17th June 2019. The contest is aimed at short video creators and enthusiasts from home and abroad, international students at universities, overseas Chinese culture students, foreign companies, Chinese-funded businesses, and overseas Chinese groups with domestic and North American, European, African, Australian, and Asian divisions.

By 15th August 2019, candidates can participate through the following channels:

  1. Upload entry videos after creating an account and then logging on to the contest’s official website
  2. Enter the “China” section of the contest partners, such as Douyin, Kuaishou, Watermelon video, VCG, Laihua Video, and submit entries.
  3. Submit entries through universities and certain cooperative channels.


Entries shall conform to the theme of the event, and no limitation on style or language is set. Video submissions should be less than three minutes, in HD/MP4 format, and under 200 MB. Both vertical and horizontal videos are eligible.
It is suggested that contestants add both Chinese and English subtitles to ensure broader circulation.

Entries should be original. Applicants shall not use material they do not own or have the rights to use. Applicants shall not infringe upon copyright and trademark rights and other legitimate rights of third parties. Applicants will assume all legal responsibilities if they violate this agreement.

Entries shall not include contents featuring pornography, violence, religious, and racial discrimination, or anything considered reactionary or illegal. Entries shall not be embedded with advertisements.

The contest has 3 first-place prizes, 5 second-place prizes, several third-place prizes and merit awards.

There will be 10 individual awards including Most Creative, Best Photography, Best Editing, Best Animation Design, Best Visual Effects, 5 awards for Most Popular, along with awards for Outstanding Organization.

The committee will award prizes, honorary bonuses and certificates to the winners of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes and individual awards, and issue honorary certificates to the winners of the outstanding organization and merit awards. The top videos will be displayed on domestic, international, and media platforms, and will also be displayed on outdoor advertising screens, and with movie theater advertisements.

(Note: Bonus award money will be pre-tax figures, with relevant taxes and fees deducted by the organizer according to national tax regulations. The organizer reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.)

Review Rules:

The event will invite well-known domestic and foreign directors, film and television industry scholars, professional video agencies, and representatives from media organizations to form a judging committee. During the selection process, the committee will conduct professional evaluations of each entry in accordance with the principles of fairness, impartiality, and openness.

The contest evaluation is divided into four stages:

  1. Primary evaluation stage: All works submitted through the official website will be reviewed by the organizing committee. The works passing the primary evaluation and the work submitted by the partners will be displayed in the contest and on the official website’s English version. The sponsor will promote the top videos on various channels.
  2. Re-Evaluation stage: Throughout the last half of August, the judging committee will make a second selection of the primary works, and select domestic and international high-quality videos to advance to the final selection.
  3. Online voting stage: Beginning in September, online voting for the finalists will be organized on the Chinese and English version of the People’s Daily App where netizen voting results will account for 40 percent of the video selection results.
  4. Professional evaluation: The judges will conduct a review
    of the finalist videos, where the expert scores will account for 60 percent of the comprehensive award figures.

An award ceremony will take place in Beijing in late September. The winners will be announced, the winning videos will be screened, and domestic and foreign winners will be invited to Beijing to receive their prizes.

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