Delegation of Public Health England visited NIH

A delegation from Public Health England (PHE) comprising of Deputy Chief Executive PHE, Mr. Richard Gleave and Mr. Andrew visited National Institute of Health (NIH).
The Executive Director (ED) of NIH, Maj. Gen. Prof. Aamer Ikram chaired the welcome session for the delegation while Dr. Rana Muhammad Safdar, Chief FEDSD briefed them regarding the role of NIH in prevention and control of different diseases in Pakistan.
Following the session, a half day workshop on “Institutional Organizational Behavior and Change Management” was conducted jointly by NIH and PHE. During the workshop, the experts from PHE shared concepts of change management with senior managers of the Institute.

On this occasion, Executive Director of NIH, Maj.Gen. Aamer Ikram said that we feel very privileged to be hosting this expert workshop led by Public Health England that aims to improve our public-health leadership and help us to facilitate the building of a more effective public health system of Pakistan. He said Public Health England has already gone through significant public health restructuring and we are very looking forward to learn from this experience.

Mr. Richard Gleave said that Public Health England (PHE) has been in Pakistan since April 2016. It shares its experience and world class expertise with the National Institute of Health and the Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination, working with them to help build a sustainable early warning system for established infectious diseases as well as new and exotic diseases. He said that Public Health England already has a strong team working within NIH as we continue to learn together and support each other.

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