Dr. Shireen Mazari address on Al Quds Seminar

While addressing a conference in connection with Al Quds, Federal Minister Dr. Shireen Mazari said that “It is a dire call of the time that all Muslim Umah should come forward to play their decisive role and to develop a consensus over Alqus issue.
Addressing at the Al Quds conference to show solidarity with Palestine, she urged that all Muslims countries particularly Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Turkey should play their role to revive the issue of Alquds and to highlight the lost agenda at international platform.
Addressing the audience she said that OIC has been diluted and lost its lauded relevance as it has been failed to take up the issue of Alqus. OIC does not have the courage to highlight the issue of al-Quds and to take pragmatic measure to solve the issue of Palestine. She also raised her concern over the change of name of OIC and asserted it as a dangerous and threatening wave for all MuslimUmah and an invitation to non-Muslim country to join this platform which will hinder the performance of OIC.

She said that India, Israel and America have collectively joined hands to exercise their hegemony in this region and they are Troika of Tyranny but they will never be successful in their nefarious aims. Three of these countries need to learn from history. Besides Federal Minister said that this combination is a constant threat to the Kashmir Issue which has been an oppressed region as India is continuously violating human rights in Kashmir. She further expressed that Trump has destroyed a peaceful pace of the world by its aggressive policies and a recent wave of threatening Iran also shows his intention to ruin the peace of this region. Besides, supporting opening of Israel embassy to Jerusalem is another step which would be remembered as an ugly step of America. She said we have to continue our commitments to not only with the Palestine as well as with the people of IOK adding that we should continue to raise our voices for the oppressed people of Kashmir and Palestine against all the atrocities.

She said that US, Israel and India are the Troika of Tyranny today and they will never be successful in their nefarious designs adding that they did not learn from the history. She further added that US Administration under Trump has destroyed the UN consensus on the issue of Palestine. US also unilaterally violated around several resolutions of the UN on Palestine and by opening its embassy in Jerusalem. Jerusalem belongs to Palestine and this act of US allowed Israel to have the right to annex all the settlements in Gaza and also to annex the Golan Heights. On the same line, she further added India has been trying to annex the Indian Occupied Kashmir by abrogating the Article 35 – A and intends to bring demographic changes. Dr Mazari said OIC has not been effectively supporting the freedom movements in Kashmir and Palestine. She said US is in the state of misconception due to military might wants to impose its unilateral approach to threaten Iran but Trump should learn from the history as Persian Empire existed long before the existence of USA. She said through its policies of unilateral Economic approach, USA along with its Troika of Tyranny intend to rule the world through economic initiatives but they will never be succeeded in their negative expansionist plans. She said we will not recognize Israel, If we recognize Israel then we will undermine the Kashmir Issue. We have to redeem and rediscover the Quaid’s commitments to the issues of Kashmir and Palestine. Besides, Allama Nasir Abbas, Secretary General MWM, Senator Farhat ullah Babar, Senator Peer Sabir Shah, Mazhar Barlas and others also spoke on the occasion.

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