Embassy of Pakistan celebrates the services of outgoing Ambassador Mr. Masood Khalid

The Embassy of Pakistan organized a ceremony to bid farewell to outgoing Ambassador Masood Khalid who is retiring after an illustrious career spanning 4 decades in the Foreign Service of Pakistan. Ambassador Masood Khalid was the longest serving ambassador of Pakistan to China.
A career diplomat, Ambassador Masood Khalid joined the Foreign Service of Pakistan in 1979. He was appointed as Ambassador to China in January 2013 following ambassadorial assignments in South Korea and Malaysia. As Ambassador to China, Mr. Masood Khalid made invaluable contribution to strengthening of Pakistan-China relations. During his tenure China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) was conceived, launched and consolidated.

In her remarks on the occasion, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Ms. Mumtaz Zahra Baloch, listed the highlights of Ambassador Masood Khalid’s diplomatic career. She said “Throughout his diplomatic career, wherever he served, he left an indelible impression”. She lauded Ambassador Masood Khalid as an outstanding Ambassador and a dedicated public servant.
Ms. Baloch expressed the singular honour for the Embassy staff for having worked under the guidance and direction of Ambassador Masood Khalid, whose hard work and dedication had won acclaim not only from his colleagues but also from his peers in diplomatic community and interlocutors in China.

“Ambassador Khalid showed us how to serve Pakistan with dignity, passion and hard work, and how, despite all odds, we can all make a difference and make valuable contribution to Pakistan.” She added that “the admiration and respect we enjoy, and the team work and esprit de corps that we have instilled is a result of Ambassador’s leadership.”
In his valedictory address, Ambassador Khalid fondly spoke about his tenure in Beijing. He said the unshakable and exceptional friendship between Pakistan and China was the legacy of successive generations of both nations. He expressed confidence in the future of Pakistan-China relations which were set to scale new heights and deliver tangible benefits to the peoples of both countries.
Mr. Masood Khalid appreciated the dedication and unrelenting efforts of his team and the support extended to him in furthering Pakistan’s interests and deepening the time-tested friendship with China.

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