Exhibition featuring calligraphy by established artists showcased at PUCAR

Rawalpindi: An exhibition featuring calligraphy by eminent and established artists Elahi Bux Mattee, Shabir Ahmed Zia, Muhammad Azeem Iqbal, Muhammad Shakil Tabassum, Shahnawaz Ansari and Farkhanda was organized at the Rawalpindi Art Gallery of the Punjab Council of the Arts (PUCAR) on Friday. The exhibition was inaugurated by Calligrapher of Masjid-e-Nabvi Ustad Shafiq uz Zaman Khan (Pride of Performance) flanked by Naheed Manzoor and Director PUCAR Rawalpindi Waqar Ahmed.

The exhibition showcased the traditional style of calligraphy as preserved, promoted and propagated by the exponents of traditional as well as contemporary calligraphy. Addressing at the inaugural ceremony, Ustad Shafiq uz Zaman Khan said that calligraphy is century’s old Islamic tradition which transmitted from generation to generation. “Over centuries, numerous styles of script have come to be associated with Arabic. Yet, the form of writing remains the same in all of these varied styles”, he added. Naheed Manzoor said that it was great honor for the Council to inaugurate the exhibition by Calligrapher of Masjid-e-Nabvi Ustad Shafiq uz Zaman Khan.

The participant of exhibition Elahi Bux Mattee (Pride of Performance) has prominent place in the field of calligraphy. The Kalma on Parliament House has the credit of Elahi Bux Mattee. Muhammad Azeem Iqbal has been associated with traditional calligraphy since 30 years. He is recognized by portraying of Holy Prophet Era in his calligraphy. Shabir Ahmed Zia has profecieny in Khat-e-Thuls and has also thirty years in this field. He is from the family of Ibn-e-Kaleem. Muhammad Shakil Tabassum has also vast experience in this field and imparting his knowledge in new generation. “The exhibition is an attempt to keep the tradition of calligraphic art alive and to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of the calligraphers who are continually practicing this art form and in turn, imparting the sensibility and sensitivity of the art form,” said Director PUCAR Waqar Ahmed.  The exhibition will continue for general public till next five days.

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