Globe’s revolt against ill-favored folklore

Our globe is transforming gradually the way a tiny leave bud grows a tree.Gradual is associated with the changes that are sudden, drastic, hard, and severe turned as abnormal. Many use to talk about the change by drawing comparisons with forgone ones. Whereas, the changes encompass factors as time, religious constraints, pandemics, people’s attitude, beliefs either the alteration based on technology. Doubtlessly, pandemics in our world were happening for centuries and in every era, people treated them differently as per their abilities and allocated resources. Everytime it brought a change in people’s lives. This time epidemic lifestyle change came up with evolved societal practices, technological consumptions, and practicing distancing from snakes and fakes is new normal.

Societal practices based on Indian culture are routine in Pakistan wherein, the name of marriage we offer numerous events. And junkets are based on certain preparations showing off people and settling the standards for others. In today’s world, the ones who are not able to follow the standards are being taken for granted by our societyand tagged as not normal. Whereas, those are the ones, who believed, to be the authentic rather people following rituals as per our religion suggested. Contrary to thisstatement, the way seasons change colors here pandemic made a way for the world to set one level for all. The marriages turned as simpler just as before and the low key terms are taken as precautions, where a restricted show off is treated as social distancing and jurisdictions are based on life support. Such extraordinary things were their double standards turned out a new normal.

Keeping in mind social change, none other than our very own educational sector, also not far away as it’s evolving with new interesting collaborative patterns.Since our educational sector is divided where the best-served are the privileged ones. The use of technology and advanced professional learning only subjected to them. Many were shy of being integrating methods for technology in their teaching.Many suggested technology is just a distraction, but it can help encourage active participation inclassroom. Using devices like a computer, tablet, or other type of technology inclassroom can help turn traditionally dull subjects into interactive and fun activities. Pandemic made a force use of technology in teaching as no other way was left. It built a sense of achievement among many and changed views of opponents as well.

About 63 percent teachers use technology in the classroom daily. A new survey found that daily classroom tech use is up from 55 percent. Pandemic brought a new vision for them to explore it. That’s implied enforcement eventually made a realization for a village like Pakistan without the use of technology. Work is required even more in this field of teaching online. Centralized networks are the pivotal point for maintaining technology in the educational sector. Yet it intrigued self-ability among the users and turned alternative as a new normal for all.

Million people are living with millions of stories in their lives sometimes, they overlap and often they contradict. The contradiction led us to the difference of estimations. Such differences formulate groups where the people live with the same ones either. Since ages, it is stated that working together is empowering but unfortunately, society is preferably used more as a negative strength against each other. People work more for letting other groups of competitors down rather than integrating forces in them to rise above and stand out among all. This pandemic brought a chance for getting aware and staying away from the people by practicing social distancing. Snakes and fakes are more the part, they are no more the fellows. They are no more acquaintances. Dual faces are eliminated as everybody is scared of everybody. As the masks have covered certain traits. New fashion added covering faces with our customized masks. That’s how we turned-out in the new world of endemic where evolved lifestyle is new normal for all.Indeed, evolution with survival is trendy these days and the world is interestingly adapting change.Eminently, this pandemic has brought it effectively just in months .The change they perceive as a new normal, the change world use to bring via different strategies and practices. Humans of this humanly world are new beings with it now where molds and folds ship shaped as fitter trends and fresh life style turned as new normal.

Author: Mehrunisa Qazme Freelance Student Journalist

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