Iftar Dinner at Beijing for International Journalists

Muhammad Imran

Beijing- Pakistani journalist hosted an ifatr dinner of journalists from Asia Pacific countries in diplomatic residential compound Beijing.

Pakistani local dishes including Chiken kury , Pulao , Channa Chat and Pakoras served to the guest journalist in this iftar dinner and they liked the taste of food.

Exchange of views on different Pakistani ethanic groups and culture was the favorite topic among guest and host Muhammad Imran, a journalist from Pakistan.

Muhammad imran gives a brief introduction about geography and Cultural diversity of Pakistan. Foreign journalists showed there love for Saraiki and Sindhi culture and world known identical Ajraks of both regions.

Besides Pakistan , journalists from India , Afghanistan, Mangolia, Sri Lanka, Maynmar , Nepal, Bangladesh, Maldives, Malaysia, Philippines, Commbodia, Lou’s and Feji were present at this occasion.

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