Message from Dr. Arif Alvi on Universal Children’s Day.

          In Pakistan, 20th November is celebrated as Universal Children’s Day every year with the commitment to safeguard the rights of children. Pakistan as a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Children (ICRC) has been making sincere efforts at all national, regional and international fora to protect the rights of children.

          It is our obligation to protect our children and provide them access to development and participation opportunities without any discrimination of status, caste, creed or religion. The Government of Pakistan is committed to protect its children from all types of exploitation, exclusion and marginalization. At the same time, it is endeavoring to provide them equal opportunities and an enabling environment to excel in every sphere of life. We reiterate our pledge towards promotion and protection of children’s rights in the country.

          The Government is carrying forward an agenda for substantial reforms which will have a salutary impact on the lives of children. This includes Zainab Alert, Response and Recovery Act, 2020, Juvenile Justice System Act, 2018, ICT Child Protection Act, 2018, establishment of the National Commission on the Rights of Child.

          While the Government is fully alive to its responsibilities, there is however, a need for all the stakeholders to work in the same direction. The task of child welfare requires partnerships of all public and private agencies. I call upon the media, corporate sector, community, parents and children themselves to come together and play their constructive role in the national effort to improve the lives of children in Pakistan.


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