NIH Awareness Seminar & Walk in Connection with World Rabies Day

In connection with World Rabies Day, the National Institute of Health (NIH) organized an awareness seminar and walk with the theme of “Rabies: Vaccinate to eliminate’’. The purpose of event was to sensitize the general public regarding rabies, its control and prevention.

During the seminar, Dr. Farooq Ali Tahir said that rabies occurs after bite of a rabid animal, usually a dog. This disease is always fatal and there is no treatment available if someone develops the disease. Although this disease is incurable yet, taking wound care promptly after dog bite and using standard vaccines in time can prevent it.

On this occasion, Maj. Gen. Dr. Aamer Ikram, Executive Director said that rabies is a deadly disease and urged that there is a need of launching a comprehensive campaign to educate the general public in this regard. He emphasized that the strong surveillance system, timely access to vaccine and management can save the lives. He also said that NIH is presently producing Cell Culture Anti-Rabies Vaccine and Anti-Rabies Serum. Both products are being supplied as per their demand, to public sector institutions of all provinces and regions of Pakistan. Keeping in view the increased demands, NIH is in process to enhance the production capacity for ARS. NIH also provides diagnostic facility for Rabies Antibodies Titre (RAT) after vaccination. He also praised the efforts made by the Ministry of National Health Services Regulation and Coordination to strengthen the Public Health System.

At the end, all chiefs of different divisions of NIH, students of College of Medical Laboratories Technology (CMLT), fellows of Field Epidemiology Laboratory Training Program (FELTP) and senior officers of the institute participated in the walk. The NIH also distributed printed awareness material to the educational institutes and general public.

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