PPP senior leader and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has said that Pakistan should play a vigorous role to mediate between Saudi Arabia and Iran and to defuse tension between two Muslim countries.

In series of statements on Twitter here today on Saturday, Senator Rehman Malik urged Saudi tweeted “present Situation between Saudia and Iran is pushing Middle East near to war, I have been advocating that Pakistan Should play role to mediate between Iran and Saudia. It is circumstantial call emerged for Pakistan to manage to bring both the Muslim countries on table to resolve their complexed ego issues.”

In another tweet, Senator Rehman Malik said “Pakistan should come forward and offer mediation between USA, Saudi Arabia and Iran to save Middle East’s peace. Let PM Imran Khan offer US President Donald Trump, Pakistan to mediate between US, Saudi Arabia and Iran while appreciating his offer to mediate between India and Pakistan on Kashmir. This offer of mediation from Pakistan will be appreciated by Saudia and Iran.” He said that conflicts of Indo-Pak and Saudi vs Iran are emerging highly dangerous for peace of these two regions and world must come forward to end these two serious conflicts; one between Pakistan and India and the second between Iran and Saudi Arabia. He said that we should give peace a chance and should not to allow to turn both the regions into War Zones.

In his tweets, Senator Rehman Malik has tagged US President Donald Trump, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and also the United Nations. He tweeted “the worst situations are halted with timely right initiatives. I strongly believe that this initiative at present is with US President Donald Trump who can play lead role to get the leadership of Saudia, Iran, Pakistan and India in the White House over tea and play your role of elder brother. He said that he appeals to masses today to see the end of war zones and creation of peace Zones. He said “I had earlier titled US President Donald Trump as “unpredictable Wiseman” I hope he will demonstrate his wisdom once again listening to the voice of global masses as they want peace not war.

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