Protest Rally in Capital for Shia Missing Person

Protest rally was held on Sunday 29 September for enforced disappearance of shia missing person. The rally was arranged by families of shia missing persons which was attended by hundreds of shia men, women, children and senior citizens.
Voice of patriotic shias missing persons has become nation wide.
Shia scholars, zakireen, heads of shia organizations addressed the rally and jointly demanded for immediate release of all shia missing persons who are being illegally kept in custody without assigning any reason and not informing their families. They demanded that if these people have committed any wrongdoing,  they have to be presented before courts of law. They said that Any patriotic citizen kept in illegal custody is violation of law and against human rights. Further statee that all shias have one voice on missing persons issue. This peaceful protest is agaisnt the people who committed such violations being in the state institutions and the peaceful protests will be continued till the releas of all missing persons. Such peaceful protest is sign of patriotism and in line with constitution domain.
They demanded prime minister of Pakistan and Army chief to intervene in the matter and release illegally detained shia missing persons.  The rally was attended by hundreds of shia citizens for solidarity with the families of missing persons who are miserably suffering. At the end of the rally, below resolutions were unanimously passed:

  1. This rally demand the immediate release of shia missing persons from Punjab/capital Islamabad in specific and all over Pakistan in general.
  2. Missing persons from Islamabad, Karachi, Multan, Bhakar, Quetta, DI Khan, Gilgit Baltistan and other areas should be immediately released.
  3. This rally demands the Prime minister and Army chief to listen voice of families of missing persons and help the families in getting the illegally detained people released on immediate basis.
  4. Families of missing persons demand that following people be immediately released; senior advocate Yafis Naveed hashmi, Engr mumtaz hussain, Zaheer ud din Babar, Mureed Abbas, Zulfiqar Abbas, nazar Abbas, Muhammad Sibtain, zakir Ahsan Ishfaq, Hafeez Ahmad, Syed Nasir Hussain and others from Karachi, Multan, DI Khan, Quetta, Gilgit Baltistan be immediately released.
  5. The patriotic citizens and families of missing persons reserve their rights to start next round of protests if the missing persons are not timely released.
  6. Nation wide protest rallies will be held on the eve of Chehlum Imam Hussain if these innocent people are not released. 

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