Rehman Malik appeals US Presidentto take Pakistan out of FATF Grey List.

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik has appealed US President Donald Trump to take out Pakistan out of FATF Grey List. 

In a serious of statements on Twitter, he stated “I have appealed to US President Donald Trump to take Pakistan out of FATF grey list and Pakistan origin will vote for him  to win”.  He added that he make second appeal to all Pakistanis living in USA to lauch an appeal campaign for the President of USA with signatures requesting him to take out Pakistan from FATF Grey List.”

In another tweet, Senator A. Rehman Malik stated “FATF is holding its virtual plenary on  October 21-22 and once again Pakistan’s case is going to be opposed by Indian lobby and it looks FATF is under ill motivated influence and will table some lame excuse to continue to keep Pakistan in the Grey List. He urged that Pakistan Government must launch friends to counter it.

He said that Pakistan has fought war on terror of USA and had made human loss and  is it the reward that Pakistan has been placed on Grey List of FATF; What a reward of our sacrifices. He said if President Donald Trump wants Pakistan origin voters support then he must get Pakistan out of FATF grey list

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