Rehman Malik’s Book Modi’s War Doctrine -RSS boiling to see the charge sheet

Through Social Media, it has been brought to our notice that a self-created PDF version of Senator A. Rehman Malik’s recently launched book “Modi’s War Doctrine; Indian anti-Pakistan Syndrome” is circulated in India by their RSS. At the outset, this office denies existence or publication of any PDF version of the book by the author.

It is unfortunate that lot of criticism and hatred speech are being delivered from Indian accounts of RSS and Chowkidars of RSS i.e. BJP. It was further surprised to see an official hand out from RSS to abuse the author Senator Rehman Malik.  The pro PM Narendra Modi and RSS are upset to see the reality of facts against PM Modi and the charge sheet against him. The RSS, after having been exposed of its terrorist activities against Muslims and minorities in India, IoK and Pakistan, has now assumed a new name ‘chowkidar’ in order to confused the world community.

It is therefore felt necessary to clarify the intent of propaganda against the Publication: –

  1. Senator Rehman Malik was approached by a number of publishers in India to publish the book. However, the Senator reserved the right of publications with himself and he did not authorise any organization, publisher or Individual in India to publish or circulate the book in any form whether it is in book shape or as a soft version. The author does not own the self-created PDF circulated in India and he doesn’t bear the responsibility for any unauthorised publication of his book ‘Modi’s War Doctrine’.
  • Lot of bashing and unethical commenting have been made regarding the author on Social Media by RSS accounts.  The accounts of Chowkidars of RSS and BJP prove that they do not want the facts to be conveyed to their population and to the rest of the world.
  • Indian critics are highlighting the self-made spelling and grammatical mistakes in the book, attempting to eye shed the facts presented in the book. These are the attempts to bury the facts under fake propagation. The ridiculous response and undue comments from some of the twitter accounts from India, endorses the facts highlighted in the book.
  • The Chowkidars from RSS and its political wing are trying to hide the reality under a rain cover. But they must by now realise that a common man in India wants to know the fact. No matter how much propaganda they will do and try to divert the attentions from the facts, but they cannot keep the people deprived of their basic right to have a thorough knowledge about the organisations and people who are ruling their country. The Chowkidars of Modi’s political move cannot make the people fool by creating meaningless situations.

The RSS must stop its terrorist activities both inside and outside of India and Senator Rehman Malik would continue to expose the anti Pakistan syndrome of PM Modi and RSS. The RSS trolls must understand that their negative comments on social media would not stop him to expose the real intentions of PM Modi and RSS vis-à-vis their brutalities in IoK and sponsoring terrorism in Pakistan.

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