“Rhythm of Dunhuang – Passion of Silk Road”

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China would organize Rhythm of Dunhuang Passion of Silk Road on the occasion of 70th anniversary of the Founding of China.

The event would be attended by Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Yao Jing, Zhang Heqing, Cultural Counselor of Embassy of the People’s Republic of China /Director of China Cultural Center in Pakistan and Deputy Director China Cultural Center Li Yan Yuan along with People from different walks of life, diplomats and students would also attend the event.

25 members Chinese Cultural Troupe from Dunhuang City in northwest Gansu Province of China will present opera dance and musical and cultural performances.

Dunhuang City in northwest Gansu Province of China was an important strategic point on the Silk Road. Its rich heritage of cultural relics, particularly the Dunhuang Grottoes, has made it one of the most attractive tourist sites in the world.

It was part of a series of events for the commemoration of 70 years of founding of People’s Republic of China, aiming to enable the young generation to carry forward the legacy of Pakistan-China friendship is the need of the hour.

Today Evening Party integrates singing, dancing and music, which has prominent regional characteristics and outstanding Chinese elements. It not only carries the classical charm of Chinese civilization, but also shows the fashion trend of modern China. The program lists include the singing of folk songs with Chinese ethnic characteristics, Classical dances and the exhibition of classical Dunhuang dances.

(1) Dance “Festivity”
By passionate and unrestrained dance vocabulary, the dance expresses the National Day of China expectations and the vision of a better life.

(2) Chinese style singing “Jasmine Flower”
Jasmine Flower is the representative work of Chinese folk songs in the eyes of people all around the world. And it has beautiful melody, smooth fluctuation and exquisite emotion.

3) The han dynasty dance “The beauty”.
The beauty in Chinese culture means the fine expression of a virtuous and kind woman with the long-sleeved accompany with the beautiful dance, fluttering clothes, the reserved beauty is just as the butterflies flipping.

(4) Classical dance “Paper fan scholar”
Paper fan is a common accessory of the Chinese scholars, it is the symbol of intellectual intelligence as well as status, the paper fan scholar dancing with a fan-holding, which shows the unique charm of the Chinese classical dance.

(5) Hui nationality dance “Flower”
The Flower is a multiethnic folk song that’s popular in the western China. “Flower” in the lyrics praise the beautiful young woman, the dance “Flower” shows the beautiful women who are as colorful as flowers.

6)Violin with Electric Sound “Flame”
The electric sound music with brand-new concept is performed by integrating the feeling of nobility and elegance of classical music with the fashion elements of strong sense of rhythm in modern music.

(7) Classical dance “The floating clouds and flowing Water”
The program integrates Chinese martial arts and Chinese classical dance into one, dragon to fly and phoenix to dance , clear water and floating clouds, Pure face and white garment, the red fan is like that a pen is painting a flying dragon and a masterpiece , the white sleeves were as airy as the clouds rolled up and the soothing waters flowed.

(8) Chinese style singing “Rolled Bead Curtain”
In the song sang the girl in the night to her lover that’s full of affectionate attachment and missing.

9) Dance of Yugur ethnic minority group “ Horns to express emotion”
The Yugur people are ethnic minorities in province of Gansu and live in the south area of Gansu . The dance “ Horns to express emotion” uses the form of dance to perfectly represent the traditional religious culture, history culture, singing and dancing culture, national culture ,living and working scenes of yugur nationality , and reproduces a picture scroll of the Yugur people’s historical changes and folk customs.

10)Chinese folk dance “The Year of Flower Letters”
The Han woman in her early twenties is not only shy and weak, but also has a lively and moving youth of beauty.

(11) Dunhuang Dance “Rebound Chinese Lute”

The dance comes from “Jiyue Entertainment” of 112 grotto in Mogao Grottoes. With the music from heaven, Jiyuetian begins to dance and rotates with feet in the sky. When the unique skill “rebound Chinese lute” is shown, everything becomes stunning at that moment. The work shows the leisurely and graceful expression, generous behavior and beautiful dances of Jiyuetian half-naked and holding a Chinese lute in hands. The clothes and skirts seem to be the flowing dragon and flying phoenix. The pendant arms bracelets are jingling in air showing a clear rhyme. “Rebound Chinese Lute” is the most beautiful dance in Dunhuang arts since it is stretching in robust actions, compatible in rapid movements.

(12) Flowers sing “Up to the Mountains and Looking at the Plains”
Flowers is a folk song popular in Northwest China, which is listed in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative list. Up to the Mountains and Looking at the Plains shows their good wishes for life and love through a pair of young men and women’s praise of spring.

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