Sacrifice of Burhan Wani is a beacon for the youth, says Altaf Ahmad Bhat

President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat while talking to media has said that the sacrifice of the great Kashmiri youth Burhan Muzaffar Wani is a beacon for the youth of the entire nation of Islam. Despite using all the available tactics, acts of oppression and suppression India has failed to subdue Kashmiri Freedom Movement, and great Kashmiri Nation Pay Tribute to Burhan Wani, and thousands of other Kashmiri youth who were slain by Brutal Indian Forces.

While paying Tribute to Burhan Muzaffar Wani Bhat said that, Burhan Wani was a benefactor of Kashmiris, a powerful voice of Kashmiris and he was busy uplifting the religion of Allah till the last moments of her life.

President JKSM Altaf Ahmed Bhat further said that India has been using disgusting tricks and high-handed tactics to keep the world’s attention away from the oppression and barbarism on besieged people of Indian occupied Jammu & Kashmir. But the World has now realized Indian Fascist intentions, its expansionist agenda and spread of hatred towards Muslims.

Cowardly Indian Army is targeting unarmed Kashmiris on the ceasefire line. Kashmiris have been in lockdown for the last 11 months, while another lockdown due to COVID-19 is being used by Indian Forces to target kill Kashmiri Youth, destroy houses, and loot valuables from houses. Bhat added.

Bhat lamented that A picture that has recently surfaced from the Kashmir city of Sopore is heavy and painful with thousands of words.
The image has its language and title within it. This was the picture of a helpless three-year-old boy sitting on the dead body of his 65-year-old grandfather named Bashir Ahmad Khan. This is the story of Kashmir where even children are made witness to the killing of their loved ones.
According to Newyork Times Report, Kashmiri Youngsters are facing psychological traumas 10 folds.

Bhat said that the dream of peace in the region cannot be fulfilled without giving the Kashmiri people the right to self-determination.
Kashmiris demand their birthright which India itself has promised to Kashmiris and UN resolutions on Kashmir are clear proof that Kashmir issue needs to be resolved.

Bhat asserted that, India is commiting worst human rights violations in IOJ&K, International Human rights Organizations must take notice of human rights violations in IOJ&K.
The Kashmiri people are making historic struggles and everlasting sacrifices. These sacrifices will not go unnoticed. The dark night of oppression will soon end and the mission of Burhan Wani Shaheed and millions of other martyrs will be completed 

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