PPP senior leader Senator A. Rehman Malik has said that through a well-planned international conspiracy the economy of the country is being damaged adding that the US State Department Country Report is also continuation of Indian illicit propaganda against Pakistan in addition to placing Pakistan in FATF ‘Grey List’.

While addressing the Senate session today on Thursday Senator A. Rehman Malik said that the economic situation, unabated price increases, and rising gas and electricity prices have made the life of common Pakistanis miserable and the government is so far failed to formulate any doable strategy to control the worst economic situation and combat the international conspiracy against Pakistan. He said that he doesn’t believe in blame game but will talk on the facts and advises that we need unity to take the country out of current quagmire of multiple challenges.

He said that he strongly condemns and expresses grave concerns over the US State Department Country Report on terrorism which is highly biased and illogical. He said that in the US Report, the real situation on the ground and the supreme sacrifices of Pakistani troops and civilians rendered in war against terrorism are absolutely ignored. He added that no country had done more than Pakistan to curb terrorism and no country had suffered as much as Pakistan, both in terms of loss of human lives and damage to infrastructure, in the war against terrorism which was actually initiated by USA in Afghanistan first against USSR and later after 9/11. He said that the report is basically another bombshell to be used in FATF against Pakistan.

He said that India has already started the 5th generation warfare against Pakistan which major factor is our today economy which is being hit through FATF to cripple our Economic growth. He said ‘’I strongly believe that FATF drama has been engineered only to cripple our growing economy and to block our overseas investments.’’

Senator A. Rehman Malik said that there will be major risks of further economic fall if Pakistan remains in the FATF ‘Grey List’ even after February 2020 too adding so it is time for the government to strategize future planning and accelerate efforts at diplomatic fronts to save the country further economic fall. He said that we have been exploited by USA every time and we had made a blunder to jump into Afghan Jihad War against Soviet Union on USA’s call which gulped down our all factions of society. He said that Jihadis were America’s own creation because of which we are suffering even today. He said that today unfortunately Pakistan is being dragged in the FATF and Pakistan is named in Country Report for terrorist outfits while as matter of fact per the America’s will, Pakistan had extended support to these Jihadis and it was US to finance all of those.  

Senator A. Rehman Malik said on the floor of the House that the US then President George W. Bush should have been facing trial as war criminal for the creation of Jihadis and mass killing in Afghanistan. He said ‘’I had been persistently advocating to the government and to the world that USA will not let Pakistan come out of the FATF’S grey list and will continue to pressurize FATF to keep Pakistan in FATF ‘Grey List’.’’

Senator Rehman Mlaik in his speech further said that he asks US, Muslim Ummah and other international community as to why have they turned blind eye towards the Indian forces brutalities in Kashmir. He said that some member states have hijacked and politicized the FATF on the behest of India using it against Pakistan. He said that he had sent an letter to the President of FATF Mr. Marshall Billingslea wherein he had plead actions against Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his involvement in money laundering but he was shocked by the FATF reply wherein it was stated that it doesn’t fall under their ambit. He asks if Pakistan can why India cannot fall under FATF’s ambit to take actions. He advised the government to be offensive rather to be defensive and go in FATF with full evidences as US owes an explanation to the world as to how and from where these jihadi organisations were supported and financed with full money trail. ‘’Will US be able to justify financing the terror in Afghanistan, Syria, Kurdistan, Iraq and other countries’’ he says. He said that all the indicators of the economy are falling down and we need to make our economic indicators stronger to make our nation stronger and it is possible only if we generate strong economic efforts at domestic level.

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