Senator A. Rehman Malik urges International community to break its silence on Kashmir

Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator Rehman Malik has showed on the silence of International community on Indian brutalities in Kashmir. While talking to journalists, he said that Indian Forces are committing unprecedented brutalities in Kashmir but sadly the international community is a silent spectator. He said that Kashmir is bleeding and PM Narendra Modi is laughing at the miseries of Kashmiris and increasing brutalities by each day.
Senator Rehman Malik said that the cold weather, shortage of food and medicines have created unbearable situation for the oppressed Kashmiris adding India is suffocating Kashmiris mercilessly. He said that PM Modi is seen on a dirty beach posing for camera while collecting little garbage in a small shopper copying the Hollywood cheap style in his black track suit forgetting that such moves can’t flourish his image as the whole world knows him as ‘Boucher of Gujrat’. He said “instead of posing for media with little garbage in hand and PM Modi should shed away the anti Kashmiri garbage from his anti – Pak brain”. He urged the international community to pressurise PM Modi to bring an end to the sufferings of the Kashmiris. He said that the government of Pakistan has not come up yet with any diplomatic strategy to get the curfew lifted and date of self determination announced by UNO.
Commenting on Iran – Saudi tension, Senator Rehman Malik said that it will be of great benefit if both countries remove their differences however while mediating between Saudi and Iran, PM Imran Khan should not forget about the oppressed Kashmiris and should seek Saudi open support to Kashmir in the same way Pakistan is presently helping Saudia as our elder brother in and out side of Saudi Arabia. He said that people of Pakistan will be happy if peace is brought back between Iran and Saudi in the form of ‘NO WAR PACT’.

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