Senator A. Rehman Malik writes poem on Kashmir Black Day

PPP Senior Leader and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior has written a heart touching poem on the even Kashmir Black Day falling today on October 27th, 2019 and while making it public he said that PM Narendra Modi is killer of Kashmiris and his brutalities on Kashmiris are going unchecked by the UNGA and international human rights organizations. In the poem, he has given his heartfelt poetic expression titled “Kashmir is till bleeding even today”.

He said that Muslim world is heartless and is turned conscienceless while the world community is too cruel and all PM Modi his wayby caging under curfew with their lips sealed. He said that UNGA should come to help the helpless Kashmiris otherwise it should shut its  shop in NewYork under USA. Senator A. Rehman Malik poem is reproduced here as



Kashmiris  are in black cage today

Sad Mothers crying for dead sons

It is black day it is black day today

Sad Sisters crying  for their brothers

Sad Sons crying  for their mothers

Eyes with tears & hearts bleeding

It is black day  it is black day today  l,

World Heartless  leaders for Kashmiri

Modi‘s brutalities crushing Kashmiris

Modi is killing Kashmiris mercilessly 

My Ummah seeing consciencelessly

Allowing  mass killer Modi his way

Curfew on movements & expression

Kashmiris are today in mass Graves

Kashmiris to get freedom one day

Modi ought to suffer the same way

Helpless Kashmiris&heartless World

Caged Kashmir bleeding even today

It is black day  it is black day today

Heart Felt Expressions by

Senator Rehman Malik

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