Tehreek-e-Kashmir UK organized Kashmir Martyrs Day Conference

The Chief guest of the conference was Chairman Public Accounts Committee Abdul Rasheed Turabi while President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat attended the conference as Guest of Honor. The conference was chaired by President Tek Fahim Kayani.

President Tek Fahim Kayani welcomed all the participants, and paid tribute to the martyrs of 13 july 1931 who stood against the oppression of the rule, sacrificed their live and became the forefathers of Kashmiri Resistance against Oppression, Suppression, and Tyranny.

President Jammu Kashmir Salvation Movement Altaf Ahmed Bhat during his address appreciated President TeK Raja Fahim Kayani’s continuous efforts amidst COVID-19 outbreak for Kashmir cause.
Bhat further said that, being a founder member of Kashmir freedom Movement we have witnessed that due to little misunderstandings we have lost hundreds of brave freedom seekers of Kashmir.
“Our Enemy has always benefitted from our mistakes, which must never be repeated again. Now we have to be firm on one single point i.e Plebiscite, if all the parties are united and demand this single agenda then the world will be compelled to implement the Right to Self Determination provided by United Nations to the people of Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.” Bhat added.

Paying Tribute to the Martyrs of 13, July 1931, Bhat said that it is the only incident in the history of world where 22 people gave their life for the completion of Adhan. Kashmiris never accepted any occupation since very beginning. There is totally indigenous intifada since 2008, when Indian government tried to transfer 99 acres’ land to shrine board more than 1 million people took to streets to protest against the decision.

Bhat added that, 9 decades have passed but the decision of Kashmir is still pending, If the decision of Kashmir is being delayed just because we are Muslims, then the Neutrality of United Nations becomes scathing.

Giving example of Chinese Proactive approach Bhat said that China felt the expansionist agenda of India and acted in timely manner to exhaust Indian geostrategic games in Ladakh.
India did the same aggression on August 5, 2019, which it carried during 1947, While Pakistani Govt, Army and people came forward in 1947 and AJK was liberated, why not today Pakistani Nation, Army and Govt steps forward and liberate Indian Occupied Kashmir.

Bhat lamented that, the torture, oppression, suppression on Kashmiris in the past 6 months has risen to highest levels. Fake Encounters are being used amidst COVID-19 to destroy and demolish the properties of Kashmiris, while target killing youth, and looting valuables and cash from houses.

Bhat appealed to the Govt of Pakistan to take practical steps to liberate Kashmir from the dark clouds of Indian State terrorism, Oppression, and subjugation.

Shaffaq Mehmood Former MEP said that Young People must know the History, what happened in 1931, and we need to make people aware of it. He paid tribute to the martyrs of Kashmir and said that mass graves have been discovered in Kashmir, while since December the Modi govt no longer made 13 July a public holiday in Kashmir.
Kashmiris around the world still mark this day as Kashmir Martyrs Day. The brave Kashmiri People have not submitted to any oppressive ruler.

While people cannot raise their voice because of potential threat for their families back home in Indian occupied Kashmir, we need to be their voices and reach out to our colleagues in UK and European Parliament.

Former President Kashmir Chamber of Commerce & Industry Dr Mubeen Shah during his address said that, 89 years passed since 1931 and still we didn’t get freedom. Kashmir is under draconian Laws where speaking truth could land people into jail for unlimited time, such as PSA.

He added that we have to tell the history to people around the world, and make it loud and clear that Indian Narrative is wrong and deceitful.  The 22 people martyred on 13 July 1931 stood against the oppression, this was the first time Kashmiris became organized.
The message of Abdul Qadir “Kashmiris Stand up in one Voice” need to follow it, and now our first and foremost agenda must be “Right to Self Determination”.

President Tehreek e Kashmir Europe Muhammad Ghalib said that, Kashmir Freedom Movement is the continuation of the sacrifices of Martyrs of 13 July 1931. The besieged people of IOJ&K stand firm against 9 million brutal Indian forces.
We have taken Kashmir issue to world avenues, parliaments, legislatures, civic societies, but we are time and again being told that Pakistan and India must resolve this issue.
 The situations in IOJ&K are alarming, Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives, houses, and everything they had. Now is the time to expel 900,000 Indian Army from IOJ&K, which can only be done by a professional and trained army.  He asserted that Kashmir issue has now gone too far from political and diplomatic affairs, now rather than highlighting it a long lasting solution is needed to Kashmir issue.

Chairman GKPSC Raja Sikander said that we have to come with a positive approach, united, and firm, these are the ingredients of success for Kashmir Cause. While people of IOJ&K are under worst lockdown and curfew, they are suffering from harsh and punitive measure taken by Indian govt, we need constructive and result oriented steps for Kashmir cause.

Councilor Summara Khursheed emphasized on unity, united under one banner for Kashmir cause, so that the dream of Freedom of Kashmir is fulfilled and the tyranny, oppression, and subjugation of Kashmiri people comes to an end. Mobilizing and grooming Youth is also vital for Kashmir cause as the movement will be carried by them in the future.

Director Pakistan House Rana Ather Javed said that, today is the day which revives the passion of Martyrdom, and demonstrates the inherited tyranny of Indian State against the besieged people of IOJ&K.

Yasir Rehman, Anchorperson PTV, emphasizing on result oriented activities said that we need practical work and results as Kashmiris have had enough, and now is the time Kashmir cause is projected internationally in such a way that the world compels to call for action against the atrocities, oppression and subjugation of the people of Kashmiris.

The other speakers who attended and spoke on the occasion included: Patron in Chief MC UK Bashir Ratvi, Human Rights Activist M. Ali Asghar, Author & Geopolitical Analyst from Kuwait Syed Arshad Mohsin, Ch Ghafarat Shahid Vice President TeK UK,
President PPP Women Wing UK Anjum Jarral, SVP Tek UK Ch Muhammad Sharif, SVP TeK Spain Ikram ul Haq, Human Rights Activist M. Ikram, Student Leader (UK) Ameer Hamza Malik, Human Rights Activist Azad Jarral, Rehana Ali Director International Human Rights, Faiz Muhammad Chair Liberal Democrats Friends  of Kashmir, Muhammad Azam Farooq President Tek UK Midlands, Shezad Kashmiri Youth Coordinator Tek UK south zone, Nazar Lodhi, Khalid Mehmood TeK Manchester , Farruk Murad Qureshi Sec Gen Tek UK South zone and Yasir Alam Sec Gen Tek Greater London.

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