Islamabad: – A venture of Foundation Art Divvy in collaboration with PNCA, the “Divvy Film Festival” is winning accolades from the audience of twin cities. Sparing over six weeks the event is a celebration of depth & breadth of powerful independent Pakistani cinema. More than 20 films, documentaries, feature films, short films, fiction and animations are part of this festival, few of which have already been screened. Today two films, “Some lover to some beloved” by Umar Riaz and “Indus blues” by Jawad Sharif were scheduled. An outstanding documentary chronicling the life of veteran actor Zia Mohyeddin. Titled after Faiz’s poem the film give whole account of Riaz’s life beginning from his child hood. The core of his work seems to be an interpreter, which he immensely enjoys. The film shows the footage of one evening in Lahore where Zia pays tribute to Faiz Ahmed Faiz, by only reciting his poetry. Third documentary was “Indus Blues” directed by Jawad Sharif shows the struggle of Pakistani folk artists to keep a fading art alive. We saw dying musical instruments such as Raanti, Balochi Banjo, Sarina, Suroz and Murli Been being played by perhaps their last remaining maestros. It also took the audience on a mystical journey from castline to Kavakoram mountains in the north. Film traverses 1500KM along the Indus River, chronicling the music that emerges on its way and lives spent shaping these traditions.

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