Timesaco Intends to Create Millions of Jobs/Businesses for Women through different e-Commerce Platforms in Pakistan

Fonder President of Women Chamber of Commerce & Industries Hazara Division Firdousia Fazal calls on CEO Timesaco Donald-Li on Tuesday in Islamabad. During the meeting Founder President of WCCIHD congratulated CEO Timesaco on launching e-services platforms in Pakistan. She appreciated Donald-li on introducing online taxi service “Buraq”, instant delivery service “Fema” and City Freight “Cargo+”.She expressed that Timesaco will play a very positive role in current situation of national economy and its different platform will create millions of jobs and businesses opportunities in Pakistan.

CEO Timesaco Donald-Li also appreciated Firdousia Fazal on her services for women of Hazara Division. He said that women are playing very important role in Pakistan and they can play their role for national economy as well. Timesaco has plan to introduce different e-commerce platforms for women, through which they will be able to do different online business. He added that Timesaco’s e-services platform will create millions of jobs for women and help them to start their own businesses without any investment. Women living in poverty face greater challenges in earning a steady income, educating and feeding their children. Timesaco’s e-commerce platforms will help them to get good earning through small business.

Timesaco will also educate them about use of technology and how to earn through different skills. CEO Timesaco expressed that there are still millions of women and girls who remain in poverty despite their long hours of hard labor. Timesaco want to empower them and help them to play their role in national economy. He further added that Timesaco already has introduced an online store registration platform “Dazaran” where anyone can open a store and can sale his/her products without any investment. On the occasion, both sides agreed to cooperate with each other to establish e-commerce platforms for Women of Hazara Division and to educate them about e-services

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