Vawda Retains the Prerogative of Appointing Federal Member IRSA

Federal Minister for Water Resources Mr. Faisal Vawda has taken strong exception of the statement of the Chief Minister Sind on the issue of nomination of one additional member IRSA exclusively from Sind province. He said that appointment of additional member from Sind is not covered under the IRSA Act, 1992 as each province can nominate one member IRSA. The Chief Executive Order of 2000 granting Sind the favor of nominating Federal Member in addition to the one already appointed by it was unauthorized and illegal as the IRSA Act was not accordingly amended in the light of Martial Law era executive order. Moreover, this Order has already been suspended by the Supreme Court of Pakistan who allowed the Federal Government to nominate its own member on IRSA to ensure neutrality and credibility of the Regulatory Authority. He also maintained that the Punjab had strong reservations on the presence of two members from Sind Province at IRSA while none represented the Federal Government/ Federation.
The Minister further informed that the Prime Minister has already considered the request of the Sind Chief Minister on the issue and directed him to fill the post of Federal Member IRSA strictly in line with the stipulation of the IRSA Act for which the Ministry has started the process of nomination as per law. Mr. Vawda said that he is open for lawful suggestions but not for dictation. He further added that both the Act and the judgment of the Supreme Court clearly empower the Federal government in this regard and will accordingly exercise its legal authority. He also expressed his resolve that Prime Minister’s Office and the Ministry of Water Resources will always uphold the law and abide by the Acts of the Parliament instead of political expediency.

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